Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shopping at the Bravern

Last night my mom and I went to check out the new Bravern shopping center in Bellevue. It's so nice the Pacific Northwest has a Neiman Marcus with a Chanel and Prada boutique. Although I can't afford anything they have to offer it was nice to drool over the fabulous quilted bags. We checked out the Louis Vuitton store and I am convinced my next bag is going to be the Damier Canvas. An expensive classic that will last for ever. We also checked out Jimmy Choo and Anthropologie. They set up a few different outdoor fireplaces and seating areas. I think it's going to be a great hang out spot when the weather is warm.
For dinner I had a pizza at the Artisional Table. It's a great date restaurant where you can split a salad and pizza. I also brought home some cupcakes from Trophy cupcakes which I love!!
I'm dying to try the Artisional Brasserie and Winebar with my girlfriends. It looks yummy and super fun!

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Carol said...

I am so excited to check that place out! Just to look, not spend! :)