Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Gorge In George!

On Saturday I packed up and headed to the Gorge with two of my good friends Taylor and Kim. It was a belated BDay celebration for Tay's bday in June. The ride up was super wet and rainy. We kept waiting for the rain to clear but it seemed like it had a mind of its own and was on some sort of drench mission.

My Hair did not take nicely to the rain!

When we arrived at the campgrounds it was still raining and the grounds were overflowing with hardcore DMB fans. We entered the gates and drove past honey buckets, tent-like sleeping contraptions that were a little foreign to me, and super deluxe campers that caused me to have an extreme case of RV envy! We kept driving as directed and the campgrounds attendant opened up one of the gates where there was a pasture with grass up to my knees. I was very skeptical as this did not look like the other areas of the campgrounds. We then realized we were sharing a pasture with cows and we had been herded into some sort of overflow camping area!

After we positioned our car Kim put us to work! Thank goodness for her and her camping knowledge. If she hadn't been there to run the show Taylor and I would have been some wet and miserable campers. I was not really able to contribute much. In fact Kim sent me to "Yonder" to gather rocks. When you're in the country yonder is pretty close. While I was completing my chore some girl loudly whispered, "Why is that girl picking up rocks? That's so weird." I tried in vain to explain myself but it was to no avail. I got labeled the "weird" girl in a sea of extremely weird people. I felt like in a line up of me, the women at Pacific Place who wear burlap, don't shave, and dance with full body movements to music that no one hears but them, I would have come out weird.... Like that kid in elementary school who forgoes recess to pick up bugs... I pick up rocks!

The concert started after some of the rain died down and Dave played a lot of his bigger hits which I really enjoyed. It was fun to watch the people who were smoked out of their minds passed out on the grass. I'm not sure how it's possible to be so stoned out of your mind that you fall asleep on a wet muddy hill with an extreme incline, where music is blasting, and you're surrounded by crazy crowds of people but to each their own.

When I got home Boyfriend went to give me a hug and then said, "Maybe you should go take a shower boo." I tried to protest but my attempt to sit on the couch was met with, "We need to put protective covering down before you sit on the clean couch... iloveyou." Apparently I was a little stinky:-)

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