Monday, March 30, 2009

Looking Forward to Appliances

Boyfriend and I are now waiting to close on our new house. Our close date is May 5th and I plan to drink one fabulous mojito in celebration of Cinco De Move-o! However, while we are waiting for our closing we are shacked up in my uber modest studio apartment. BTW homeboy comes with bagage! I'm used to hauling my laundry to boyfriend's house on the weekends. Since that is no longer an option we were forced to visit the Queene Anne Laundry Center. (I feel like they may not be called laundry centers and may have a different name that is escaping my mind.) Anyway's my Saturday began with me accidently locking myself out of the apartment, i was forced to hole up in Barnes & Noble for 5.5 hours (secretly one of my favorite places) and then spent an additional three hours at the laundry center. When we returned home we found out the garbage disposal in my modest studio had broken and it smelled like expired soy milk! Yikes! I had a case of Alexandra and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. But boyfriend was fabulous and we completed our first domestic fix it duty together by repairing the garbage disposal. By the way... wasn't Sunday georgous!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mutual Acceptance

Yay!! Boyfriend and I just recieved word we have mutual acceptance on our new townhome! I'm so excited. It's the Barbie starter home I've been dreaming of! I think boyfriend is happy too. Which makes me happy:-)

Gosh, it was only a month ago that I was feeling pretty stressed. Now I have a new home to look forward to, a promotion to a great position within my company (so excited!), and an upcoming Mexican vaca with Boyfriend!! Can't wait. Speaking of vaca... I need to up the gym time asap:-)