Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I'm a girl who's prone to restlessness. It is not in my nature to conform to structure, rules, and expectations. You know, they are really no big deal - only the key ingredients necessary for success in adulthood. Some people thrive under those terms but not me. I'll do ok for a little while. I'll put my head down and work hard but I inevitably platue until I start to feel confined. At that point I dream of ditching the expectations and shedding the stress that hitched on to it.

I love change and spontainaity and most of all I love feeling free. There's an amazing feeling you have when your only obligation is to yourself and the things and people you choose. To have ownership over your time is freedom and the feeling of freedom is bliss.

I'm ready for an adventure. Not the kind that you plan out and save for but the kind that allows you to jump in the car without a clue of where you're going, how you'll get there, or what you'll do. I want the kind of adventure that allows you to turn your phone off and not tell a soul but return a changed and better person with a fresh perspective.

I'm dreaming of hippy clothes and tousled hair that requires no electronics. I want unlimited funds a sun so scorching the thought of wearing socks is laughable.... I want to be surrounded by languages I don't understand and smells that make my nose wrinkle in unfamiliarity. I want to take dozens of pictures and eat food recently removed from the ground.... I want to feel removed from obligations and drenched in newness.... I want to raise some eyebrows and continue on my unplanned way.

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