Monday, August 3, 2009

A fun weekend

Gosh I wish I had pictures from this weekend!! On Saturday my co-worker Dave and his wife Yulia joined boyfriend and I up at the Lake House. We BBQ'd and went inner tubing. My favorite part of the night was playing Catch Phrase with the two couples and my Dad. It was a lot of laughter and fun.

On Sunday my girlfriends from high school came up and we had a girls day on the lake. Carol, Brynn, and Meghan all wakeboarded for the first time and they impressed the heck out of me for first timers. The girls were the bests guests and each brough yummy food and snacks. It made hosting super easy. I had such a great time and wish I could see them more often!

I'm also grateful to my parents who have given me the open invitation to invite guests up to the cabin. It's a fun casual spot to entertain.

Sunday night I went home to the cleanest house I've ever seen! Boyfriend unpacked and decluttered our house. A chore I volunteered for and then procrastinated long enough to know that he would master it. He even finished setting up my bathroom. It was the best surprise! We then snuggled up and watched the new episode of Entourage. It was a great weekend:-)

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Carol said...

I have such a GREAT weekend Ivy! So much fun and thank you for being such a wonderful wakeboard teacher!!! You're the best! but I am SO SORE today.