Monday, August 3, 2009

10 Things You May Not Have Known About Me

So my friend at Every Day Delights requested this a while ago and here it is:
  1. I love being barefoot. If barefoot is not an option, flip flops are option B. I wish I could wear flip flops all year long!
  2. If I could have any job in the world I would be Doris Buffet. She is Warren Buffet's sister and heads up the Sunshine Lady Foundation. She donates money to nonprofits, causes, and individuals she feels could benefit from a financial contribution. People from all over the world write letters asking for financial assistance and she is able to fill those wishes. I couldn't imagine a better career.
  3. On my way to my first date with David I hit a parked car and spilled a pink energy drink all down the front of my sweater. I arrived quite the hot mess and yet he loved me anyways.
  4. My fingernails are almost always covered in chipped polish. I secretly feel a little rebelious and non comformist with my chipped nail polish and I hardly ever use polish remover. I like to pick the polish off myself.
  5. I love to play sports and be active. I'm happiest when I'm outside doing something physical, whether it's on the extreme side like skiing powdery black diamonds or if it's on the mellow side like playing corn toss. If it's outdoors and active I'm a happy girl!
  6. My family nickname growing up was Boo and after a few months of dating Boyfriend started calling me Boo without knowing that was my nickname growing up. So Boo carried on into adulthood.
  7. I don't have an artistic bone in my body. I'm tone deaf and my drawing skills never really evolved past stick figures. In my quest for an artistic outlet I go on craft binges where I create so-so gifts and personalize everything insite. I've also found a love of gardening. I have some tomatoes, sunflowers, and Zinnia's that are thriving in my small garden.
  8. I plan to adopt a foster child. Probably not any time soon but at some point I would like to. There are so many amazing kids in the world who have been dealt a horrible hand in life and are in need of a good home. At some point in my life I hope to provide that oppurtunity to a child. I really believe that every child deserves to grow up in a stable and loving household.
  9. I love the smell of new construction and saltwater beaches. New construction that smells like sawdust and caulking and sheetrock makes me feel like home. I think it's because my dad did so many construction projects growing up. I also love the smell of drift wood on saltwater beaches. It's a smell that's unique to the Pacific Northwest but it reminds me of my grandpa because his beach cabin always smelled like that.
  10. In my head I'm absolutely convinced that someday I'm going to win the lottery. Boyfriend and I love to talk about what we would do if we won the lottery. We always talk about the people we would help and how we wouldn't want our lives to change too much. I always say my splurge would be spending a week in the summer taking surf lessons in a tropical location and a week skiing the most amazing powder in the winter.

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Carol said...

Love #3! So Ivy...