Friday, August 14, 2009


Resently this week I had a girl who I worked with at the Group Home over for homemade pizza. She's had a rough summer but things have started to stablilize for her. I got to her know her girlfriend a little bit and she seemed very nice. We joked and laughed about some of our crazy memories from our time there.

I dropped the girls off at their apartment and they were really proud to show the new furniture they purchased from Ikea and it was appearant how two girls who grew up being shuffled between foster homes and group homes found such a haven finally having their own place to call home. I am really proud and impressed with these two young adults.

After I got home Boyfriend and I were talking about how resilliant some people are. Everyone is born into situations that present challenges and the idea of "equal footing" that was big during the Affirmative Action days of the '90's has become an unattainable goal that we can continue to strive for. However, foster children tend to get lost in the mix and foster children are faced with hardships that are completely unique to their demographic and the reality of the situation is that the majority of these kids will not become functioning members of society. Their situation is as close of a guarantee to failure as any lot in life is. They are forced to overcome a multitude of hardship that many of us will never be faced with and they have to do that at a young age with virtually no adult help or guaidance.

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