Monday, June 1, 2009

Sunday Funday!

Boyfriend and I started Sunday by setting up our new living room furniture. It feels so fabulous not to share a single chair anymore! Then we went up to the lake and hung out with my cousins. I helped one of the girls wake board for the first time and that was pretty cool. My little cousin Bryer is 4 years old and he's a super boy's boy. He likes to punch and play with guns and swords and he never stops talking! He's the funniest little kid. He ran up and gave my mom a handful of worms and it reminded me of Robbie as a kid.

We headed home in the early afternoon and I jumped in the shower because I was running late to meet up with my girlfriends for dinner. When I hopped out of the shower boyfriend had bought and assembled shoe organizers for my closet and he had all my shoes on display! It was so cute and totally made me smile!

I started off dinner by locking my keys in the car which was a little bit of a bummer, but everything else was faboosh! It's been so fun spending time with the girls I grew up with. I have so many fabulous memories with these girls and I'm really excited to create more! We ate at a little hide away restaurant in Capital Hill called Spinasse... Appareantly it's Martha Stewart's favorite Seattle restaurant. I had asparagus ravioli and it was yummy. The best part is everyone is doing so well and it was so great to toast new and fun things in our lives!

Boyfriend met the girls for the first time after he came and dropped off my spare key. I was glad they were all able to meet finally. All in all it was a super fun weekend.

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Carol said...

So much fun! And LOVED meeting David, he is fantastic!!!!