Friday, June 5, 2009

Christian Siriano Fall 2009 Collection

Love the shoes!
That jacket is fierce

You can see the 80's influence yet still feels current

I hate those booties. They look like my 8th grade basketball shoes but I love the silhouette of this dress. It's fun and flirty yet still contstrained.

This could translate to a woman of any age

I love the trend of a mini with a full skirt. It's fashions answer to the mullet!
Sexy in the front and formal in the back!

I would love to wear this dress somewhere completely innapropriate like the bowling alley and take crazy pictures holding a Pabts or exiting a beat up pick up truck....

It's Christian!

Here are some pics from my fave looks in Christian Siriano's Fall 2009 Collection. His entire collection can be viewed on his website. Christian was my all time fave project runway designer and I have always been excited to see his designs and trend forecast.

He relied hevily on brown's with a surprise pop of a turquise-ish blue as his color pallet. He displayed everything from a safari tan to a deep chocolate brown. I love browns because they look so fab with every skin tone.

An interesting thing he did was recreate the signature Christian Louboutin red soles and go with a pop of blue. I imagine many shoe designers and budget shoe designers will be paying attention to the shoe sole.

Some of the head ware was a bit distracting but it did give the collection and edgier look which is Siriano's signature.

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Carol said...

Good find! I've been wondering what happened to him. He was my fave too!