Friday, June 5, 2009

It's almost the weekend

Last night I feel asleep at 8:30 and still had trouble waking up this morning!! Gosh I totally crashed and am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend:-)

I have a few plans for the weekend but nothing too big and I'm really trying to keep it low key. Tonight boyfriend and I are going to go run along the beach. It sounds romantic but the real picture will involve my not in shape booty huffing and puffing with my hair in full frizz mode and my face the color of a tomato! Image may not be great but it will feel good to get in some good exercise.

Saturday we have a car was for the basketball team. It's at the DQ in Kirkland for anyone who may be in the area and would like to support the Lake Washington High School Girls B-Ball team. They're a great group of girls and are raising money for tournament fees for the year. Any support is much appreciated!

Saturday night a friend of mine is celebrating her birthday. We're going to bar hop through W. Seattle and I'm really excited to explore my new neighborhood. I still feel like there's a lot left to be discovered.

On Sunday I'm really hoping to spend time with Kim and Tay and to make it up to the lake for the day. I've been dieing to test out my new wakeboard and work on my tan. All I want to do is wakeboard until I'm exhausted and then open up my new W magazine and lay out and catch up on the influential fashionista's profiled in their June edition.

I never want to complain about the weather but it is such a tease to be stuck inside in an office all day while the sun is shining. All I want to do is go play and be outside. Hopefully I can get lots of that in this weekend!

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Carol said...

Sounds like a great weekend!!