Wednesday, April 29, 2009

People's 50 Most Beautiful People

Here's the list. I was so happy to see Christina Applegate named this years most beautiful person. She has been so open an honest talking about her struggle with cancer and her proactive approach to beating the disease! Hats off to her.
A few of this years choices were fun surprises like Melissa Rycroft and Tristan Wildes. A few choices I didn't understand like Ciara. She hasn't done much in the last year career wise and she took an au natuaral no make-up picture which I give her credit for but she does not look to great in the pic. Another surpise is Christina Agulerra. I think she's looked like a hot mess this year and her imaging seems to be heavily borrowed from Lady GaGa.
I'm excited to see the rest of the list!

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