Monday, April 6, 2009

Northern Exposure

Saturday boyfriend and I made the treck to Anacortes to visit my grandparents. It was a lot of fun and they really hit it off. My grandpa force fed boyfriend lunch and called him a chicken when he couldn't finish his shrimp! We were all laughing and had a great time.

After lunch we met my great friends Mandy and Lee at my favorite Thai restaurant in Bellingham. If you ever have the chance visit On Rice. They have the most amazing peanut salad dressing and pad thai. Scrumptious!!! It was great catching up with my old friends. I miss them greatly.

On Sunday I headed to Gig Harbor to visit my oldest friend in the world Ashley. We grew up together and were best friends in kindegarten all the way through 8th grade. She's been doing absolutely amazing things traveling the globe with her super nice friend Daniella. She's spent the last two years in visitng some countries I had never even heard of. It was so great to see her and catch up!!! I'm so proud of who she's become and her accomplishments. I look forward to seeing her a lot this summer before she leaves for grad school!

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Carol said...

What a fun weekend!!