Monday, April 27, 2009

Movie Review

This weekend I took one of the girls I used to mentor at RDCC to see the new Beyonce movie. I would give it a solid B-. It was suspensful and engaging yet predictable and had some suspect acting. Beyonce gave a decent performance. There was one intense fight scene she had with Ali Larter's character and I half expected her to bust out in dance choreography! Idris Elba is fantastic. Surprisingly, the worst actor was Jerry O'Connel.

I really liked the messaging of the movie. Beyonce plays a strong woman who takes care of the problem without the help of a man. I liked that she wasn't the innocent helpless wife waiting for her husband to come to the rescue. I also liked the portrayal of a strong successful african american family. Absent were the expected cliches about race and the taboo nature of a caucasian woman and african american man.

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