Wednesday, April 8, 2009

An old friend, old show, and sushi

Last night I met up with Meghan who's an old friend from high school. She's a super positive chatty girl who I really enjoy. Meghan's training to run the innagural Rock N' Roll half marathon in Seattle. Listening to her talk about training was very inspiring. I think Boyfriend and I may sign up to run that race at the end of June. About a year and half ago I attempted to run the Disneyland half marathon with my good friend Court. I finished but it wasn't a pretty finish. I would love the satisfaction of finishing and running the entire way. I remember how empowering the training felt and I'd really like to feel strong and healthy again. By golly... I think I have a new goal!

After a delish spider roll I headed home and watched an episode of 90210. This may sound cheesy but I was very impressed with the way last nights episode tackled bipolar disorder. I've always found mental health and psychology fascinating and I love when mainstream media humanizes these very really and serious disorders. Now if only that show would address eating disorders and body images, or increase their craft services budget. Those actresses could use a cookie... even the one who's preggers!


Carol said...

Go Ivy! I am so impressed with you runners!

Taylor said...

Running...yeah!!!! There is a 90210 lady who is preggers?