Monday, September 15, 2008

My Practical Bouquets

I spent last weekend with my fabulous girlfriends. We celebrated the birthday of one of the most impressive girls I know. She's this fabulously fun, down to earth, smarty pants who has a beautiful smile and one of the best dispositions I have ever encountered. My smarty pants friend is a second year law student who somehow manages to avoid all those stereotypical type A traits that law students posses and friends sort of "learn to live with." Nope, not my friend. She bakes cookies, gives hugs, sings songs without inhibitions, and elevates the mood of any group. She's pretty fabulous.

After a weekend of celebrating a fabulous person, I was looking forward to going home. As our car pulled out of our vacation destination I found myself texting Boyfriend: "Babe I'll be home in 2 hours. Can't wait 2 c u!!!" When we got to the main freeway I sent him another update. When we crossed the bridge leading to my part of town he received update number three. Finally, while walking into my building I gave him a call. (I've never claimed to be low maintenance:-) He said he was stuck in traffic and was on his way. Sitting in my super tiny studio, I realized that I wanted to feel like I was "home" and my feelings of home are tied to his precense. Whereever he is, I feel like I'm home. His old apartment felt like home to me and was a haven from roommate hell. His new in the midst of renovation home feels like home to me and I look forward to spending weekends with him. Even my one person, maybe 300 squarefoot studio feels like home when he's there. He says I need to upgrade to cable before it feel like his home, but that's another story. Anyways, Boyfriend walked in the door, gave me a big hug and I felt comfortable. The lingering itch of cheap hotel blankets, the sleep deprivation from nights on the town, and the complications of a roller coaster weekend seemed to melt away and I felt like I was home.

He pulled out an already opened padded manilla envelope and told me he had something for me. I opened it up and found a new charger for my camera. I was so excited. You see, my boyfriend is "not a flowers kind of dude." (he's explained that on many occassions) Yet, he always seems to find that fabulously practical, useful, and thoughtful gift that let me knows he cares. I had lost the charger for my camera when I moved a few months back. Boyfriend and I searched multiple malls and stores looking for a charger and no store seemed to carry my camera brand or an adaptable charger. We searched on-line and I became frustrated when I didn't understand if the universal chargers on ebay would actually fit my camera. After weeks of searching I had given up and was just planning to buy a new camera when the battery on mine officially ran out.
No need, Boyfriend swoops in and gifts me with something practical that shows me he's thinking about me.

Somehow Boyfriend always manages to surprise me with the comforts of home and the practicalities of an easy day to day life. I know I don't give him nearly the credit he deserves. He's the most thoughtful, reliable, and nice intentioned person in my life and I love him. I love the duality of how his practicalness bounces off my whimsicality. I love the way his plans ground my scattered spontaneous thoughts. His emotions are steady while mine fluctuate daily. He sticks by me and helps bring out the best version of me and I'm grateful for that.

Over the weekend I performed Earl Had to Die by the Dixie Chicks at this dive country karaoke bar. Boyfriend does not like country music; especially country music with a serious twang where three women sing about murdering a man. I was SO excited to perform for him! I woke up Boyfriend this morning with a performance of "Earl Had to Die." He danced with me and remixed his own version of the lyrics. I was on my knees laughing. It was a great way to start a Monday morning. Thanks for everything babe!

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Taylor said...

I heart David too becasue he makes my friend so very happy! Thanks David:)