Monday, September 29, 2008

Friends are the Family we Choose

Throughout life there are a lot of people who make up our social networks. These people include teammates, classmates, co-workers, party friends, ect. Sometimes it's difficult to navigate which people in our social network (aquaintences) actually make the grade as true friends. True friends are the best gift anyone could ask for.

Recently, I've started to receive emails from my oldest friend. We met in kindergarten and were best friends all the way through elementary and middle school. Our birthdays were a week apart and we often had joint parties where we would invite the whole class. Our families spent Christmas Eve together with her dad dressed up as Santa Clause... So many of my childhood memories involve this fabulous person. It's been a while since we've seen each other. She's off exploring and traveling in Asia. I'm in Seattle trying to build a career. A lot has changed since we would quote Clueless and practice free throws; but in some sense not that much has really changed. There's an almost unbreakable bond that develops when you have known someone almost your whole life and have grown up with that person. It's crazy to think that we have shared a friendship for almost 20 years! Wow... that's so impressive to me!

Over the weekend I went to brunch with another fabulous friend. We have shared our early 20's together, navigating our first post college "real" jobs and reluctantly reaching those terrifying adult milestones. She's shown herself to be a caring, open, and honest person with a wicked sense of humor. I appreciate her friendship more than she knows...

Making friends in your 20's is a unique experience. It's less about sharing common externals i.e. the same major or similar social circle, and more about sharing this unique period in your lives. There's a comradare that exists among young women as they navigate huge milestone decisions. We know what it's like to work the entry level job, ponder grad school, consider moving in with a boy, and try to live a fabulous life on a less than fabulous budget.

Being a young woman in your 20's is exciting because life is full of oppurtunity and true independence. However, those same traits can make life feel overwhelming and lonley at times. Sometimes coffee with a good friend, or a weekly tradition is the key to regaining perspective. Reach out and strengthen those friendships. To have people support and encourage you for no reason other than they want to, is pretty cool! Don't take that for granted!


Taylor said...

My 20's have been better because you are in it. Similarly, I know that my 30's, 40's, 50's and so on will be just as fabulous with you. You are the most kind and honest person I know...thank you Evee:)

kaliagent said...

What a nice ode to friendship. That was great. You're a really good writer...and I enjoy reading your blog.