Monday, September 22, 2008

A Fabulous Affair

This weekend boyfriend and I attended the wedding of a family friend in Spokane. It was such a beautiful event. They were married at St. Aloysius Chapel on the Gonzaga campus. It's an incredibly decedant and regal church. Father Hightower s.j. from Bellarmine Prep. presided over the wedding and he did an amazing job. (Later at the reception he played the air guitar with beer in hand to 80's rock music). I miss my Jesuits! The reception was held in the Marie Antoinette Ballroom at the Davenport Hotel. The whole event was gorgeous and well planned.

Upon arrival to the reception my dad handed boyfriend the keys to the car and promptly appointed him the designated driver. After a few festive rounds at the bar my padre turned into quite the dancing queen for the night. It made me really happy to see him have so much fun. He often made the comment that "this is how a wedding should be." This gave me hope for the future budget of my event.:-)

When the bride went up to the balcony to toss the bouquet I looked at boyfriend and said, "This is mine!" Sure enough with outstretched arms and an old school box out (basketball rebounding move) I secured the bouquet! My mom had a look of horror on her face and my dad put his arm around boyfriend and said, "You're in trouble now!" To say boyfriend looked awkward would be an understatment!

It was a fun night of dancing and drinking. Best of all, the bride looked so happy and seemed to soak up every moment of the night! Congratualtions Nicole and Grant!


Carol said...

So fun!!!

kaliagent said...

I had a great time kiddo. It was good to see your parents get their two, three, and four steps on! I think the food was the best part...and spending the weekend with you as well :-)