Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blog Inspiration

A few of my blogger friends have been inspiring me have a little more fun with my blog. My friend Miss Carol at Every Day Delights has such a cute blog and has introduced me to other fabulous blogs. She's like the Queen Bee of blogs and I'm just waiting for the day she becomes a Blog of Note.

I also have two new favorite blogs that I was introduced to from Miss Carol. The first one belongs to my friend Brynn. She's super stylish and chatty and just made her blog debut at the Simple, Sweet, and Silly Sophisticate. The other blog I've started reading is called the Seattle Smith's and it's about a couple from Dallas who adventerously moved to Seattle. It's a fun read and I reccommend it.

In an attempt to start having more fun with my blog I'm taking the bloggers thirty day challenge and I'm going to attempt one post everyday. To help with inspiration I'm going to do a few themes. In the spirit of Whishful Wednesdays I'm going to post Twitter Tuesdays where I post my favorite tweets from the week. This week my fave tweet is from John Mayer who said, "Why are we calling him Balloon Boy if he wasn't in the balloon at all? Isn't he just Attic Boy?"

Another theme is going to be Thankful Thursdays. I know that's cliche but I've been blessed with a lot of wonderful people and experiences and I need to spend more time being thankful and appreciative. If anyone has some tips on how I can improve my blog please let me know!



The SSS Sophisticate said...

Thanks for the shout out Ivy!Good luck on the 30 day challenge! I love your ideas for everyday of the week!

Carol said...

Thanks for the shout out too Ivy! Now we just have to get Joleen blogging... I'm working on it!