Friday, October 23, 2009

Beautiful Dalias!

These dalias are from my parents backyard and were giving to me last night. The picture was taken on my sidekick and really does not do justice to the color and fullness of the flowers. My mom is like the plant whisperer. She finds plants that have been neglected and nurses them back to life. It's amazing how many flowers are still in bloom in her backyard! You would never guess it's almost November.


Taylor said...

These flowers are stunning, but I think they are Dahlias. I could be wrong, but check it out! When are starting our party planning? Let me know!

Ivy Wilson said...

You are totally right! I was kind of on autopilot this morning! BTW thanks for helping me with my Party Tay! I'm so excited:-)

Carol said...

So pretty! I'm jealous your mom has so many flowers, the ones on my balcony died. :(