Thursday, July 23, 2009

Non Deflection

After a few posts dedicated to mind numbing celeb gossip and tidbits I thought I'd crank out some substance. I have been fighting a case of the grouchies for the last month. I find myself increasingly annoyed and I am baffled at the cause of such great annoyance.

It's summer and the sun is shining and I'm spending my weekends wakeboarding, BBQing, and coaching... all things that I love but I am holding on to a secret grouchiness that at times rears it's ugly head and forces me to find my inner Miss Teen USA and fake a smile. I wish I could pinpoint the source of my little monster because he's causing me much guilt. I feel as though I should be happy and gratful for all the lovely things going on but deep down I'm just grouchy.

I'm trying to spend time with positive people and doing new fun activities hoping they will be the Rx for my grouchiness... that seems to work like Tylenol in that the symptoms are gone for a while only to return later. I wonder what the antibiotic for grouchiness is... I better find out soon before I turn into a full blown negative nancy!


Taylor said...

I miss you grouchy or not! I have emailed and called but I guess we have missed each other. Give me a call:)

Carol said...

Everyone is allowed to have down days, but just make sure it doesn't stick with you! It's been a great summer and keep smiling! p.s. I tagged you on my blog last week so you need to the 10 things...