Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

"Baby Jackson"

Beth concentrating and attempting to beat the boys

John preparing to toss

The USC edition

Boyfriend with Beans in Hand

Boyfriend and I had a fun and low key fourth of July. It started out with an intense run/workout at the park. This was my first workout in about a month and I almost died. Boyfriend had me doing windsprints and push ups (I deteste push ups), sit-ups, bench dips, and a mile run. I was exhausted, a little bit grouchy, and soar from wakeboarding the day before! After drill sargeant Boyfriend calmed down we headed out to his co-workers for a BBQ.
Boyfriend brought this corn toss game which his friend makes and is a really fun tailgate party game. We had great food and the highlight of the night was Boyfriend's kareoke rendition of Billie Jean! He did all his "baby Jackson" moves. It was so funny:-)

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