Friday, May 1, 2009

Dahlia Lounge / Dining out for Life

Last night boyfriend and I tried a new restaurant that was participating in Dining Out for Life. 30% of las nights proceeds supported the fight to end AIDS. The restaurant had a neet vibe and the food was delish! I had crab cakes with asparagas and couscous. Boyfriend ordered halibut that was fabulous! For dessert he had their specialty donughts (random right) and I ordered the rhubarb shortcake. It was super good. All in all in was a very fun night!


Carol said...

I love their crab cakes!! What a fun restuarant. The 3 for $30 deal is also coming up soon.

Taylor said...

I have been there and I LOVE the food! I feel so swank there! Way to help out call me and tell me the firing details