Monday, November 24, 2008

Just Another Saturday Shooting

On Saturday my 16 year old primary and I pulled into the parking garage at Southcenter Mall. We were going to see the movie Twilight when suddenly swarms of people began exiting the mall. I looked around and almost instantly knew there had been another mall shooting. The police were quick to arrive and the whole area was put on lockdown. We couldn't leave the parking structure while people around us ran for safety.

The picture above is of the 16 year old victim. A lot of reports are surfacing saying the incident was gang related. That may be true, but it's important that we remember the victim was a child and regardless of his history or whether he antagonized the shooter, he did not deserve to be shot and shoppers should not have to be surrounded by gunfire on a Saturday afternoon.

Incidents like this always lead to a public outcry supporting stricter juvenile sentences. I would challenge those individuals and resources to be placed in mentorship / preventative programs.

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Taylor said...

Where have you been? I miss you lady! I tried to call you this weekend, but no one there:( Talk to you soon!!!