Monday, November 17, 2008

It WAS Uncool!!!!

Ok- there is still a lot of hoopla in the media regarding Jennifer Anniston's recent Vogue interview in which she says it was very "uncool" of Angelina to give a public interview saying her and Brad Pitt fell in love while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith and she could not wait to get to work everyday. Jennifer and Brad were still married at the time and they were acting in a movie Jennifer Anniston was co-producing. Technically she was Angelina's boss.
Obviously not all relationships work out and people choose to divorce and cheat for various reasons... However you have to be honest enough with yourself and others to admit what you did was wrong... The ends do not always justify the means. Tori Spelling spoke about her adulterous affair that ended in marriage and she came clean saying what she did was wrong and selfish and people were hurt because of the actions she and Dean chose.
Angelina and Brad are very lucky that the worst thing Jennifer Aniston has said about them is the way they began their relationship was not right and it was "uncool" or inconsiderate to speak out about how the relationship began while Brad and Jen were married.


Taylor said...

I totally agree! I still refuse to see any of their movies because they are really attractive cheating liars!

Carol said...

Agreed! Go Jennifer!