Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tea Anyone?

Last week my friend Taylor and I went to the Trellis Restaurant in Kirkland for lunch. This restaurant is located just down the street from my job and I have been excited to test it out for quite some time. I'm usually not a tea drinker. To be honest I'm kind of a water girl but I wasn't feeling too well and when the waitress offered their tea service I decided to give it a shot. I had a white Orchid tea that had hints of peaches. It smelled and tasted delish. Since that day I've been thinking of how much fun it would be to go to High Tea.

I've been to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel's Georgia Tea with my mom quite a few times and it is always a nice time. I remember when I was younger I going to the Four Season's High Tea with my friend Ashley and her mom. It always was really fun and felt special especially during Christmas time.

Hmm.... maybe I'll start planning a tea party!

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The SSS Sophisticate said...

Ohhhh I love going to high tea!!! If you ever want to go, I am in!

Carol said...

So fun!! If you have a tea party invite me over!!