Thursday, February 26, 2009

Role Change

I took boyfriend to tour the "curry house" last night. Usually boyfriend is pretty mellow and easy going and I contribute the dramatic flair to our relationship, however yesterday was a different story. Ok, the "curry house" is far from being Barbie's dreamhouse but it has great squarefootage, is located in a transitioning neighborhood, and is priced on the lower end of our budget. The main floor has beautiful hardwood floors but the upstairs is seriously in need of new carpet and the whole home needs new paint asap! After that we would move to the master bath, adding a second bath room, kitchen and downstairs bath. So there is definitely some work to do. Boyfriend and I have been talking about a cosmetic fixer since we've started this adventure. Boyfriend jetted off to Philly to spend time with family and tasked me with finding a house for him to purchase. I scoured at least 30 properties most of which were serious fixers that were totally outside our scope or move-in ready townhomes that sacrificed location, square footage and/or earning potential. So anyways last night boyfriend had a serious diva moment at the curry house. He expressed how the kitchen appliances were no where close to his standards and he would never consider cooking on them and the cabinets were so cheap he wouldn't want to store his food there. Umm what? You would think homeboy had been living in a four seasons suite for the last two years based on his reaction. I tried to point out the positives and potentials and boyfriend continued to say he would never live there and was hung up having to spend money to make the place liveable blah blah blah. After a few hours of what he referred to as "brainstorming" and I considered a lohan-esque tantrum I told him that it's not going to work and we should take the curry house off the table. It's important we both feel comfortable about a home and I honestly thought he would really like it. Boyfriend says, "boo, I think I'm 95% in and we should go for it." What!! I was exhausted and missed my mellow boyfriend!


Taylor said...

HeHe:) I loved the curry palace...aparently David was just looking for a palace!!!!

Carol said...

Ivy you are totally talented and could fix up any place and make it look like Barbi's Dream House!