Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Audrina Nooooo!!!!

I'm totally a hills fanatic and would absolutely check into Promises if they cured addictions like this. Anyways, I have to express my disapointment in how Audrina is handling this whole "justin bobby / LC rumor" fiasco. It is completely transparent this is her attempt to develop a personality and identity outside of "Hills" fame. She is totally in cahoots with Speidi and is trying to be a spotlight person on the show.

The interesting thing is... I think Audrina both admires Lauren and is jealous of her. It's Lauren's show, she's done well outside of the show and has managed to establish a career for herself. In this process Lauren has laid down expectations regarding how she wants to live her life and expectations for the people she chooses to be in her life. She expects her friends to be loyal and in turn she is a loyal friend. However, when the people in her life do things that are untrustworthy she calls them out on it. At times it costs her relationships, but it also filters out poor relationships.

This is interesting to me, because it is really difficult to live your life with such honesty. I say honesty because I think it is easy to settle for ok relationships. I think it's easy to call someone a good friend or a best friend when the reality is that they aren't. It's much harder to question behaviour that goes against your what your hopes and wants and wants are. We all want to feel like the people we have chosen to be in our lives care. That doesn't always happen though. If you're dating a guy who says he cares about you, yet treats you like he doesn't, it's easy to ignore the behavior. Often times deep down you know if you question his behaviour you will be faced with an anwer you don't like. It's really difficult to be honest and say, if he cares it would be reflected in the way he treats me.

It's also interesting to see the dynamics that can unfold with integrity. When a person chooses to live with personal integrity; meaning, values, ideals, and standards, it can affect the relationships of those around them. At first some people are awwed by the confidence and straightforwardness exhibited by those with integrity. They subcounsciously strive to emulate those same characteristics and are searching for behaviour cues to copy. That's the tricky party. Integrity is personal and it's built over time. It's not something that can be copied; it's inherent. These relationships seem to develop in phases. The person who meets someone with integrity develops a high level of respect for the individual. They enjoy being with them and think they have just met a trusting life long friend. As the relationship develops the person with integrity expects their friend to display similar characteristics that they display. When the friend isn't able to live by the standards that they admire in someone else, they become frustrated at their internal lack of integrity and project that frustration on their friend.

All of a sudden their fabulous integrity friend is "not that great" and jealousy begins to rear it's ugly head. This is where the friendship implodes and the relationship ends...

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Taylor said...

Well said my friend. I agree and am SO sad for Lauren. I feel like she is our friend:(